Chat Recap – Featured Guest: Sports Columnist at Bloomberg View

For this month’s chat we had another featured guest, Kavitha A. Davidson who is a sports columnist for Bloomberg View. I thought it would be a good chance for not only Kavitha to interact with other South Asian women in the sports industry but also for other folks to learn more about her experience and impact. We also co-hosted this chat with Brown Girl Magazine who are dedicated to providing a voice to South Asian women. I see it as being a platform for opportunity, a platform that empowers success. Check them out when you get the chance,

The conversation started off with learning about Kavitha and how she got to where she is today.

When asked about what types of struggles she had along the way and how she overcame them she points to taking advantage of what’s in front of you. I could not agree with her more because many times we’re looking for a big break but that can’t happen over night. There are many tools and people we know that can assist us along the way but a lot of times we don’t even think about it that way.

We went on to ask Kavitha about breaking into the industry as a South Asian and here’s what she had to say, from a sports columnist perspective.

Her biggest piece of advice:

So as we continue to try to grow this network and platform for South Asian women in the sporting industry Kavitha had some great thoughts.

We also learned that Kavitha most recently attended the espnWsummit where folks come together and create change and opportunity for women in sports. We asked Kavitha what her role was and to tell us about the summit.

These types of platforms can aide in advancing South Asian women in the industry, it would help us continue to network which ultimately builds out a community.

We asked Kavitha what her thoughts were on mentorship and what’s great about her answer is it’s real. We need mentors but don’t close yourself off to who those can be.

For those in the industry, don’t forget to pay it forward and mentor someone else, pave the way for those next in line. How, you ask?

Being one of many sports columnists out there, Kavitha brings an interesting angle to her work. Here are some of the areas she focuses on:

Of course to succeed in anything in life, it’s important to have support from family, friends and colleagues, something Kavitha sees as a plus at Bloomberg View.

When it comes to sports writing one may think, how can someone possibly think there are any difficulties that come with it? You are doing what you love, right? Well, Kavitha makes a good point here.

And I don’t think any woman would argue this:

Then of course there are the rewards from writing about sports, especially the angle Kavitha brings. Here’s what she had to say regarding the best part of her job.

So, you think you want to be a sports writer? Here’s some of Kavitha’s advice.

Something we can all learn from Kavitha is once you find your passion, stick to it and continue to have an impact. She brings a unique side to sports writing, has found her niche and will continue to make an impact in this space.

This field is still regarded as “not mainstream” and something we all need to continue to do is keep the lines of communication open. Continue to network and engage with folks, that’s how we’ll grow this community.

We’ll leave you with Kavitha’s final thoughts.

It was great chatting with Kavitha about her experiences and how she’s made an impact in the industry! She has a lot to offer and is a role model for those next in line. Let’s continue to network and build a platform for all South Asian women in sports.

Thanks Kavitha for spending that hour with us sharing your thoughts and experiences!


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