Chat Recap – Can women have it all? A sports perspective.

After several months of being “off the grid”, I finally got the #SAWSports community back in conversation with a chat on “Can women have it all? A sports perspective.” As we are in a time where “having it all” is a big topic, especially amongst women. So many female executives, including Indra Nooyi ad Sheryl Sandberg, are talking about this topic in various forums. While there may not be a black and white answer, nor should there be, what you will read about below are ways we as a community can continue to grow no matter where we are in life.

We started off with a simple question, should it be about having it all? Here’s what people had to say:

As we continue down this path of life we encounter various opportunities and obstacles along the way. So I asked the community, how do we have a successful career in this industry and a healthy family life? Or should we only be focusing on one at a time?

To those out there who feel as though they have to pick between their career and their personal life, here is some great advice:

Then there is the ultimate thought many females come across at one point or another, how would one raise a family and continue to make an impact in the sports industry? There are many people we can look up to such as executives, family and friends for this but, in the end there’s something about seeing someone very similar to you in your field which really hits home. Many times it’s all about seeing someone that you can relate to, seeing someone go through what you’re going through or have gone through.

To close up the hour, I asked the community how do we, as South Asians, continue to grow in this industry as we go through various stages in our lives?

Even though there are no right or wrong answers, we need to continue to engage each other and have these conversations. The more conversations we have the more the community will build upon itself and the platform will grow. For those just “listening” in on these conversations, join in next time, we want to hear your voice, we you to be part of the community! Here’s to paving the way!


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