Chat Recap – Mentoring / Paying it Forward

On Wednesday March 12 the chat was focused on “Mentoring / Paying it Forward”.  It was amazing to see the diverse group of individuals who joined us with backgrounds ranging from sports PR and media personnel to athletes to a sports business MBA student and many others.  One of the biggest takeaways from the conversation seemed to be that a mentorship is really a two way relationship; a mentor willing and able to provide constructive criticism and a mentee having open-mindedness.
Even though there may not be many of us in the sports field we can’t stop searching for mentors, we need to look outside the industry as well.  Many times someone’s experiences can help us get to the next level, no matter what field he or she is in.  Having mentors in other industries also helps us become versatile and we begin to think outside the box.
Gaining knowledge from multiple industries and piecing them together can also aide in success.  It’s not about finding one mentor to help us get to the next level, it’s about surrounding ourselves with great mentors in multiple industries.  The more knowledge we have the better decisions we can make.
In this industry, getting more South Asian women to be mentors is tough especially when there are not many of us; however, for those that are in the industry it’s important we see each other as allies.  We need to unite and do our best to help each other succeed; the more success we have the more families will see that it is okay to let their young girl follow in our footsteps.
Lastly, even though there may be a small amount of us in the industry we need to continue to mobilize each other to break those barriers; continue to think outside the box because there are opportunities for everyone.

Our next South Asian women in sports chat (#SAWSports) will be on April 9 at 9 PM EST.  Hope you join the discussion and begin to pay it forward!


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