Mentoring / Paying it Forward

We all know having mentors is a huge part of being successful in any industry.  Mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience which can ultimately lead to doors opening.  They can help you make decisions with your career and give you advice on what to do next.  Some may see mentoring as “keeping a look out” or “challenging the mentee to be successful”.

The qualities a mentor has does not surprise many; however, finding a mentor seems to be tough specifically when trying to find South Asian women in the sports field.  I have a couple mentors I look to for work / career advice, professional development, and someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of.  However, I noticed none of those mentors are South Asian women in the sports industry.  There are many factors that explain why there might be a lack of South Asian women in this industry; though, rather than figuring out why there is a low number focusing on trying to find the right mentor is what we should be doing.

As many of us continue to try to break in perhaps finding South Asian women and men in other industries to serve as a mentor will be the key to a successful career, even in sports.  Many of the struggles we face today can be found in other industries and applying those experiences to the sports arena can aide in a successful career.  Also searching for women and men in those careers that you like to emulate will help in triumph.  Those that have gone through it have seen what it takes and having them talk about it is one of the easiest ways to gain knowledge about the career you want to pursue.  We need to start somewhere and as the number of South Asian women in sports continue to grow finding those mentors might get easier.

For now, however, how do we find the right mentors to help us get there?  Join the conversation on Twitter about mentoring / paying it forward on March 12 from 9 to 10 PM EST using #SAWSports!!


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