The First Chat

On Wednesday, February 12 we held the first South Asian women in sports Twitter chat!  The topic was ‘Breaking into the Industry’ and we had a number of folks join us ranging from an Indian figure skater to an online publication dedicated to giving a voice to young South Asian women.  The conversation started off with ways women have broken into the sporting industry and reasons why women have not gone down this path even though they have a passion for it.

Getting into the sporting industry has always seemed “way too far fetched” for South Asian women.  Many of our parents lack the knowledge of knowing what type of impact one can have in the industry.  Ami Parekh (Indian Figure Skater) talks about how her parents didn’t know much about sports and what it had to offer.  A lack of role models, opportunities, and knowing this can be a long term career women can pursue are also reasons why many have not continued down this path.

As many of our parents came from a country where there is a lack of infrastructure for women to choose this industry.  In the United States, the infrastructure is there and yet many South Asian women have yet to take advantage of this.  There was talk about how this needs to change by knowing other successful individuals in the industry, knowing that it’s okay to do something that isn’t considered mainstream.

Building a community of like-minded women can aid in a lot of what lacks today.  It can keep the momentum going and continue to show others that this is an industry we can belong in.  And most of all, the next generation will have a foundation to build off of.  Continue this conversation with us every second Wednesday of the month on Twitter from 9 to 10 PM EST using #SAWSports!  Next chat: Wednesday, March 12.


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